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About Company

NurPanel -is a young, ambitious and dynamically developing company. Our company is leader in the market of Tajikistan for the production of sandwich panels and doors for refrigerating chambers based on polyurethane foam (PPU).

For the quality of our panels meets the raw materials, the world's leading brands! The production technology is provided by foreign specialists, whom we attracted from abroad, this allows us to maintain the high and stable quality of our products.

Our task is to create in the market of Tajikistan import-substituting products of high quality, which will replace analogues from China, Turkey, Russia and Iran.

NURPANEL Sendvich Panel use of our panels:

- To insulate the poultry farm, poultry house or cowshed in Tajikistan.

- to make a cold store, storage and vegetable storage, insulation and soundproofing, roofing, spraying - Turnkey construction of sandwich panels (PPU, Polyurethane, Polyurethane foam) in Tajikistan.