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NurPanel - is a young, ambitious and dynamically developing company. Our company is a leader in the market of Tajikistan for the production of sandwich panels and doors for refrigerating chambers on the basis of polyurethane foam (PUF).

For the quality of our panels is responsible raw materials, leading brands! Production technology provide foreign experts, whom we attracted from abroad, this allows us to maintain the high and stable quality of our products.

Our task is to create in Tajikistan's import-substituting high quality products, which will be replaced with counterparts from China, Turkey, Russia and Iran.

Advantage over foreign counterparts:

  • Savings on transportation
  • Saving on customs clearance
  • Save time when searching for products and the conclusion of foreign contracts
  • Savings on currency fluctuations when transferring money
  • Savings on replacement panels for your projects

NurPanel – is:

  • high professionalism
  • quality products
  • a clear terms of the order
  • continuous improvement and expansion of the range
  • work on individual needs and size

We will do everything to make you glad to be among our partners! We Express our gratitude for your choice, and look forward to a long, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!